Nutrition Stealth, Part Two

Fat has received a bad rap as an unnecessary evil in our diet, yet that is quite to the contrary. Fat serves many purposes especially when cooking & baking; it provides the appearance of moisture or a golden brown color, emulsifies (the heat transfer that allows for crust to form), influences melting point, provides satiety (how full you feel after eating), slows formation of gluten making the end product more flaky & tender, adds solubility for nutrient absorption, and most important of all…. it adds FLAVOR. Many dieters who try to consume all fat-free products find themselves unsatisfied and searching for some sort of satisfaction.

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Nutrition Stealth, Part One

Let’s face it – we dream of being able to lose weight, without losing taste. With dieting it seems there is an “All or Nothing” mentality- instead, what if you allowed yourself some of those not so healthy ingredients? Then you might find a happy medium. After all, I always tell my clients, “Diet is an ugly four letter word- lets create a lifestyle change and well lifestyle is forever!”

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​There might be one food I actually agree with Dr. Oz on and it is the power of tart cherries! When it comes to the health benefits, not all cherries are created equal. The two cultivated varieties of cherry are the sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.), sometimes known as the wild cherry, and the tart cherry (Prunus cerasus L.), sometimes known as sour cherry or pie cherry.

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Smoothies are an easy way to get in many nutrients with minimal prep work. Smoothies can “hide” many fruits and veggies making it a good option for children, those crunched for time or as a way to ensure you are getting those 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies each daily. Smoothies are a go to favorite with our Chiefs for a recovery beverage when their appetite is diminished after practice. Below is an outline of how you can become your own “Smoothie King” and create these delish beverages for your own enjoyment.
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Did You Know? We have more than 400 species of microbes living in our guts, and those microbes compromise over 75% of our immune systems? Many researchers believe that our focus of “cleanliness” has led to a decreased immune system by decreasing the amount of beneficial gut bacteria. This really gives context to the phrase “you are what you eat,” and reminds us to think about what we’re eating as the front-line defense of our health.

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Most think of hydration only when it comes to sports and activity, but hydration is of utmost importance to almost all health conditions, and especially so for persons with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and cognition/dementia disorders

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Eggs are a source of complete protein and “nutrient-dense,” containing only 75 calories while providing over 20 nutrients making the egg pretty incredible. With an average of 7 grams each, eggs are considered a high quality, all-natural (highest biological value) source of protein, which helps build muscles, keeps you feeling full longer, and helps you stay energized by keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day helping you avoid cravings. All of these are key factors related to weight maintenance; specifically after recent weight loss.
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Sprouted grain is when a grain develops in between a seed and fully fledged plant. As the outer bran splits, the beginnings of a shoot peeks out of the grain. In this stage, some of the starchy portion of the grain will have been digested by the young shoot to fuel its awakening. It is thought that this state results in a nutritional difference between sprouted and conventional (ungerminated) grains.

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​Help Make A Wish Come True

Cosentino’s teams up with Kreschmar Premium Deli Meats to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Duirng this month, all Cosentino’s Price Chopper locations and both Cosentino’s markets will be selling “Josh’s Hero Sub” sandwiches. Proceeds of Josh’s Hero Sub will benefit Make-A-Wish Missouri and help to make four children’s wishes come true.

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Easter marks the sign of rebirth – whether spiritually or seasonally. The grass is turning green, flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. Easter in my family meant Ham, twice baked potatoes, Waldorf salad with multi-colored marshmallows and Robin’s nests for desserts. Foods associated with Easter either symbolize items specifically to God (lamb of God), trace back to pagan rites of Spring, or modern interpretations that have evolved into our Easter day treats.

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